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Printing with Steve

Tuesday 27 February 2024

Did you know that Leman Decorations also sells certified food printers?​​

Create stunning, personalised designs on cakes, cookies, and more with ease. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, communion or any special occasion, our printers bring your vision to life in vibrant, delicious colour!​​

Learn more about our offering in this interview with our resident expert Steve Dehouck.​

In one sentence, can you explain what service/product you provide?

We sell certified food printers, provide install and maintenance service.

What makes them unique in the market?

Our printers are food safe.

We sell Epson printers, the connection between the cartridge and the ink head is very strong, guaranteeing a fluent colour reproduction. We are currently the only one in Belgium and Luxembourg to offer Food certified Epson devices.

To which type of customers do you address these products/services and on which applications can they be used?

We mainly sell to professionals, Bakers, pastry chefs, restaurants, ice cream vendors. They can print on everything that has to do with decorating pastries and all kind of desserts.

Where are your products available?

We distribute in Belgium and Luxembourg.

What is the added value for customers to use a printer vs usual decoration or no decoration at all?

The customer can distinguish himself from competitors. Food printing is especially popular with birthday cakes or for a company event. Personalized printouts is a real added value for the end customer that they can personalise their cakes, macarons, cookies or doughnuts.

What kind of edible ink is used with these printers, and is it safe for consumption?

    Our ink is HACCP-certified, 100% safe for consumption.

    Can you walk us through the installation process for these printers? Is it something customers can easily do themselves, or do you offer installation services?

    It is similar to installing a regular printer, very easy to do. We link the computer to the printer, wired or wireless and install the necessary drivers. Now magic can be created on eatable sheets.

    What types of images or designs can customers print with these printers, and what software or tools are provided for this purpose?

    The printer can print anything you want. This can range from a logo to a large photo. You can use all the usual tools available for print editing: Decojet, the program provided with the printer, InDesign, Photoshop or even Word.

    What kind of after service or technical support do you offer to customers who purchase these printers?

      I provide the customers with sheets and ink, give technical support on site or online whenever there is an issue. I guarantee no interruption in printing by also providing a replacement device.

      Are there any maintenance or cleaning routines that customers need to follow to ensure the longevity of the printer?

        Never switch off the device. If you turn off the device and do not use it for x number of weeks/months, there is a good chance that the ink will dry in the print head. If the device remains on, the ink remains ready.

        When not using the printer for a while, do a colour test print on a normal sheet of paper.

        Use the printer in a room of about 20° C, leaving dirt and dust no chance of entering the device.

        Never smoke near the printer!

        Cartridges can’t be refilled and are certified for consumption. Trying to do so will void warranty.

        Ink coming from a different source where ingredients are non-compliant to regulations can pose big problems to public health.

        What is the typical lifespan of these printers, and do you offer any warranty or service agreements?

          There is a 1-year warranty provided when buying the device.

          I know of devices that have been treated well and are still running perfectly after ten years.

          Not taking care of the device can cause problems after two years. The moral of the story, the better you take care of your device, the longer it will last.

          How do you stay updated on the latest developments in edible printing technology to ensure your customers have access to the best products?

            I frequently go on training, do research, but also dismantle old devices that are ready for scrap, checking them and seeing how I can carry out repairs more efficiently.

            Do you provide inspiration to your customers?

              You can find a lot of inspiration in our catalogue.

              Here are some of my tips to get your customers interested in personalized cakes or pastries for special occasions.

              • You can print a photo of yourself or the business on a sheet and place it in the store to stimulate sales.
              • You can make a fake cake with sugar paste, put a logo or picture on it and show what is possible to make it into something beautiful.


              All our prices are available in our catalogue and on our webshop. You can download the catalogue for free and register as a customer to gain access to pricing.

              I have two certified printers. The “Elite” comes in at €599 ex VAT and the “A4 Mini” is available for €399 ex VAT.

              Feel free to contact me for info and advise!



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