Leman Cake Decorations

Avenue du Haureu 2
7700 Moeskroen - BELGIUM
Tel. +32 (0)56 72 80 74 

Leman Cake Decorations offers a wide and creative range of cake decorations in chocolate, almond paste, sugar, wafer and plastic. With our decorations your cake will be remembered for a long time.

We are never satisfied. We constantly search for new ideas in order to give your cake an added value. This is how we create fashionable decorations. With those decorations, you can turn every cake into a party cake. Because: No cake, No party.

Georges Leman started in 1963 with the confection of flowers in almond paste. Today Leman is a constantly growing SME. Our inspiration comes from the 46 countries in which we are active on today.
Leman Cake Decorations is the pride of the second generation. Our enterprise is an autonomous and completely independent family company, under the direction of Didier and Iris Leman.

The mother company based in Moeskroen counts 42 motivated and dedicated employees.
All chocolate decorations are produced on this site. The sugar and almond paste decorations are created in the production company in Thailand, called "Asian Sugar Decor". Our Thai staff is taking the strict European quality requirements into consideration. All of this with a sharp eye for detail, creativity and competitive conditions.

Each day we strive for quality. This is why we are proud of our BRC grade AA in Moeskroen. Asian Sugar Decoration obtained BRC grade A+.

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