Leman started with marzipan flowers in 1963. But after more than 50 years, we grew into a wholesaler who is vital to image of cake decorations in chocolate. Plates, curls, balls, stars and many more. You'll find everything here below. From handcrafted cake decorations in chocolate into stern and fashionable. From the classic flavour plates into the creative eclair toppings.

Every year, we strive after a diverse and enhanced range of cake decorations in chocolat. We are convinced that you will find the perfect cake decoration in the articles here below!

We love to decorate our cakes per theme. A cake with a plate in wild motif and the same motif on a ball or curl? You can not decorate your cake any prettier! Have a look at our themes. They are filled with inspiration to finish your cake in a fashionable theme.

In the photogallery of Exclusivo, you find a lot of chocolate decorations to add the finishing touch on your cake.

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