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In case of errors found in the information available on the website , you can contact the website administrator.

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Leman Cake Decorations explicitly declares they have no say over the contents or any other characteristics of these websites and can in no way be held accountable or liable for the contents or its characteristics or any form of damage due to use.

Applicable law and authorized courts.

The Belgian law applies to this website. The only authorized courts in any case of a dispute are the courts of arrondissement Brugge.

Privacy Disclaimer

This privacy disclaimer applies to the processing, specifically the collection, management and use of your personal information as a natural person by Joke Ghekiere of Leman Cake Decorations.

The term ‘personal information’ is seen by Leman Cake Decorations as any information regarding to an identified or identifiably natural person. This includes information provided to us by you or assigned by us to you regarding the use of our products/services or  gathered by us through your use of our products/services.

This contains information to identify you (name, address, customer number, bank account number,…), to contact you (address, phone/fax number, cell phone number, e-mail address, username, identification data of devices used by you,…) and to be of service to you in a correct way (which products/services you use, preferences and interests, activity , feedback,…)

Processing purposes

Personal information is used for different purposes. We are very careful to only collect and use personal information that is useful, relevant and limited to the needs for which they are used.

We use your personal data:

To comply with our legal obligations
Only if you have freely and explicitly agreed to share your information. You can withdraw your permission at any time you wish.
If you wish to withdraw your permission, you can do so via the provided channels.
In order sign an agreement, contract or to provide services or assessments.
If we have legal cause. (processing for research purposes, conflict management, legal risks and disputes, complaint management and after sales service, exercising and indemnification of our rights.

Legal ground for processing

Internally, Leman Cake Decorations takes the necessaire technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information both in our offices as on our websites. There are firewalls in place to block external access and there is a strict password policy in place.
We see to it that our employees and processors only have access to the data they need to fulfil their assignment and that they use this information in a confidential way.

If you are a customer of Leman Cake Decorations, we will store your contact information as well as your invoice information. This information is necessary to facilitate our partnership.

Transfer to third parties
Only Leman Cake Decorations uses your information. We do not share your data with third parties in any way.

Storage period

Personal data cannot be stored any longer than needed to be processed for the company goals.
The storage period can differ according to the necessity of that data.

What are your rights?

  1. Insight, rectification, changing or removing data
    You possess the right to consult any personal data of yours stored by us. Incorrect or incomplete data can be changed or removed by you.
  2. Removal of information
    You possess the right to remove your data from our database.
  3. Complaint
    If you believe your data is being used in an unlawful way, you have the right to file a complaint with the Privacy Commission.

This version of the privacy disclaimer was last changed on 7/6/2018.


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