Leman Cake Decorations has taken yet another step abroad by acquiring Creasim Ltd. in Mauritius.

Monday 18 March 2019


6/03/2019 – Moeskroen, Belgium & Curepipe, Mauritius – The acquisition of Creasim(located in Mauritius) by Leman Cake Decorations (Moeskroen) is a fact!

The future of Creasim is guaranteed thanks to the acquisition by Leman Cake Decorations. Creasim is the number 1 manufacturer in the southern hemisphere of edible wafer decorations, intended for pastry chefs and ice cream makers, Leman is known for his creative and extensive range of cake decorations in chocolate, sugar, marzipan, plastic and wafer for every professional user.



Creasim was founded in 1999 by the family Mamet, originating from Brussels. The couple started Creasim from scratch and can proudly say that they have about 200 employees on their payroll. 
After 20 years, they gradually started looking for a successor. Their own children have built a career for themselves outside the company and outside Mauritius, so exploration of this option was quickly ended.
Due to a rather coincidental conversation between both parties, the idea of the acquisition of Creasimby Leman Cake Decorations rose.
Leman Cake Decorations already has a lot of experience with branches abroad and the product connects seamlessly with their own core business. Moreover they are already distributor of the wafer flowers of Creasim. After some intense conversations, they came to an agreement, where both parties are 100% satisfied.

With this acquisition, Leman Cake Decorations wants to profile itself even more as manufacturer of cake decorations and thanks to Creasim they can now offer an even larger range of cake decorations.


At present, Leman Cake Decorations already exports to circa 50 countries. In this export market Leman will operate from now on under the umbrella name Leman Decoration Group.



From now on, the group includes 3 production companies, being:

Belgium:                                          Thailand:                                          Mauritius:
Chocolate decorations              Sugar and marzipan decorations            Wafer flowers

Since 1963 Georges Leman started with the production of roses in marzipan, in his bedroom in his childhood home. More than 50 years and 2 generations later, Leman Cake Decorations evolved to the production of chocolate decorations in Belgium.
Leman Cake Decorations is the pride of the 2nd generation.

The firm is an autonomous family company which works independently under the daily management of Didier and Iris Leman. Hence the familial aspect is always present and tangible in the daily interactions in the company and in the contact with clients and colleagues.

Leman Cake Decorations offers all pastry chefs, bakers and ice cream makers a large and original range of decorations. Thanks to this large range, pastry chefs and ice cream makers can produce cakes about which their clients will be talking of for a long time.

Leman Cake Decorations is constantly in search of new ideas to give clients an added value to their cakes. Therefore their motto reads: No Cake, No party!

The site in Moeskroen, Belgium, has 42 motivated employees. This is a big step up from the 16 employees 10 years ago.

Leman Decoration Group is not only expanding in Belgium. The cake decorations in sugar paste and marzipan are created in their factory Asian Sugar Decor in Thailand. 
The acquisition of Asian Sugar Decor happened 13 years ago. 
Since then, they have grown from 60 to circa 200 employees.

It is and will always be the purpose of Leman Cake Decorations
to grow and maintain the familial character in all their
commercial and professional activities.

For more info, you can check their website: www.leman.be

This is no different with Creasim. The purpose of Leman Cake Decorations is to guarantee employment in the long term. A good cooperation filled with joy, energy and motivated employees is hereby very important.

The wafer decorations guarantee the further growth and offers multiple benefits:

1) sugar free

2) gluten free

3) budget-friendly

4) can perfectly withstand high temperatures. Therefore, export to southern countries is perfect for this range.

5) very short, simple list of ingredients with clean label vision.

For more info, you can check their website: www.creasim.com

The Leman-family will closely follow the acquisition to let the transition pass as smooth as possible. Ruben Leman, third generation, is already present in Mauritius to keep everything on the right track. A challenging step for a young entrepreneur.

It is an extra reassurance for our clients where the items are coming from, since they are buying now directly from the manufacturer.

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